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Daryl Brown

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10/12/08 01:29 PM #1    

Ann Rotunda (Eckman)

My Dear Friend Daryl...I still think of him often and I visit him when I go to see my mother, as they "live across the street" from each other.

Wonderful athlete; great friend great smile....and fun to hang with.

There are so many memories...triple dating with Jim and Eric; that was interesting! Always have to pick him up when we went out....

You are missed and loved...but you are with your true love Linda. God Bless!

10/21/08 01:44 PM #2    

Ann Rotunda (Eckman)

I don't know who posted the picture, but I have that one as well from the Senior Trip. I am looking for the picture of Daryl at Curt Nutbrown's graduation party. He was angry at me...and lecturing me on the "evils" of alcohol!!

10/23/08 02:10 PM #3    

Diane Waite (Wotus)

I found the picture while searching my scrap books. He looks quite peaceful here....or passed out?

10/26/08 08:56 AM #4    

Ann Rotunda (Eckman)

Stu was passed out...Daryl, just sleeping. That was before he "found" alcohol.

12/01/08 09:20 PM #5    

Mark Wilson

How fond and precious my memory of one of our early Reunions; probably 10th. Daryl and I were sitting on a giant log on the beach with a roaring fire in front of us and other Classmates gathered around. We were getting caught up on life and loving being back in Westfield with the Class.

12/06/08 10:40 AM #6    

Bonnie Hartley

I was there by that roaring fire with you and it's my last memory of being with Daryl, as well. A beautiful, warm memory, and remains in the treasure chest of my life.

01/15/09 08:38 AM #7    

Karen Kolpien (Bugaj)

I remember riding tricycles with you and Todd MacCubbin when we were 3 and 4. Up and down the sidewalks of Union St. and First St. we would go, as our mothers drank cups of coffee on the stoop.

Then you were there in First Grade, in my class, and in Fourth Grade defending a position that I now know you were right on- Yes, Daryl, there really IS a Santa Claus!

You were always proud of being born on "All Saints Day," and it was fitting, you are now one of the Saints, waiting for the rest of us in the Class of '79, to join you.

You had the most gorgeous smile and most infectious laugh! On my most "down" of days, just one, "Hey Short Stuff," and I was smiling.

Then, time flew by and we all walked out of the auditorium in our caps and gowns, students of WACS no more. Life took us along our own paths and we never suspected when or where they may cross again.

For me, I was a nursing student, married with 2 kids, driving down I-79 in a snowy blizzard at 6:30 AM on my way to a hospital in Meadville, PA, in January 1992. I had the radio on and learned you were gone! I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it! I cried the entire way to Meadville. When I arrived, everyone there knew I was hurting over something.

To some my reaction to the loss of a "classmate" from years ago may have seemed "extreme," but they didn't understand that you were more than a "classmate," you were a "soulmate!" And, any loss of the soul cuts deeply.

I often look at the Graduation photo you gave me, turn it over and begin to read...."Hey Short Stuff.....Love, Daryl" Well, you will never be forgotten, and I say a prayer for you each year on All Saints Day! Love, Karen

03/08/09 08:58 PM #8    

Lisa Stephenson (Buchanan)

Hey classmates, could anyone please tell me and others ...How Daryl passed away? Yeah, some of us have been out of the loop for way too long. I think that I heard many years ago, that Daryl was skid-doing across a lake and fell through the ice on Lake Chautauqua.

I would definitely prefer to know the truth.

03/13/09 09:02 AM #9    

Marie Post (Edwards)

How did Darly die....Yes, Lisa you are correct. Darly, Linda (his fiance) and another Mayville friend were snowmobiling on Lake Chaut. and fell through the ice. The mystery still remains if he was able to get back onto the ice and fell through again on the way to the shore, there helmets were found on the ice. The only reason they were found is that another group of riders(from Ohio) fell through the next day. Serveral of his friend (Me, My husband, Casey, Darrly Synder are some I remember) and Linda's family were there when the bodies were found.
Some of the comfort we found was that they were found only a few days after the accident. My husband could not sleep because he claimed he was so cold. We shutter to think of having to wait until spring or never finding there bodies and never knowing what happened to them.
The other blessing was that they went together. It was (and still is) very hard to deal with losing your best friend, someone as full of life as Darly and Linda were. I don't know how either one of them would have face live without each other.
Darly and Linda we will miss you forever and a Day

05/28/14 11:01 AM #10    

Karen Kolpien (Bugaj)


Every time I think about our "class" I immediately think of you! A couple of years ago I was in Westfield for a 50th anniversary party for some friends. A woman approached me and asked if I knew who she was. It was your mom. I hadn't seen her in so many years I hadn't realized it was her. This was the 2nd week in Nov. I told her you had been on my mind over the previous 2 weeks, as I never forget your birthday, on "All Saints Day." You always were so much like your mom. We shared a really big hug remembering you, and all you were, together. I cannot believe that you have been gone for 22 years, as we approach our 35th reunion. They say "only the good die young," and you were one of the very best! I will miss you always, my friend. Still remember riding trikes on Union St. with you when we were 3-4 years old while our mom's had coffee together. "Those were the days my friend!" God bless, and may you continue to RIP.


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